Programming Ensure the ignition switch is turned to owners the "ACC" position hyundai to program and/or owners operate HomeLink system.
Song List Mode.
Take precautions by adjusting the volume control on your radio to 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Owner's Manual - hyundai Page 119 1 features OF your hyundai 106 D285C01O-AAT cassette tape player operation (D-285) (If installed).
Tilting the sunroof is moved owners to its fully open position by pushing the "open" switch, and to stop at the desired position, push in any owners switches (open, close, UP, down).In addition, any damage to or failure of Genuine Hyundai Parts caused by the installation or failure of /p manual p an imitation, counterfeit or used salvage part is not covered by any Hyundai Warranty.p p This indicates that interesting or helpful information is being provided.About 60 of the trailer load should be in the front half on the trailer and the remaining santa 40 in the rear.Use an approved spray de-icer (not radiator antifreeze) to release the frozen mechanism or move the vehicle to a warm place and allow the ice to melt.The nuts should 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Owner's Manual - Page 176 the pressure is lower than recommended, drive slowly to the nearest service station and inflate to the correct pressure. TCS inside ON Mode caution: When the intermediate TCS is running, the indicator remains lit even after the engine has been started, have your car checked by an authorized Hyundai dealer.
Cassettes are subject to wear and the sound 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Owner's Manual - Page 123 1 features OF your hyundai 110 D285E01O-AAT compact disc player operation (D-285) (If installed).
Hyundai Genuine Parts are only sold through authorized Hyundai Dealerships.
This life manual is related to the following products: 2004 Elantra, 2005 Elantra, 2006 Elantra, 2005 Santa Fe, 2006 Santa Fe, 2005 Tucson, 2008 Tucson, 2009 Tucson, 2010 Sonata, 2008 Tiburon, 2008 Santa Fe, 2009 Santa Fe, 2009 Sonata, 2009 Accent, 2011 Accent, 2008 Sonata, 2007.p p caution: modifications TO your hyundai /p p Your Hyundai should not be modified in any way.If you do not have a spare a fuse and it life blows as guide soon as the accessory is turned on, the problem is serious and should be referred to a Hyundai dealer for diagnosis and repair.O The 2WD Santa Fe is not designed for off-road use.This is necessary to prevent damage to the steering lock mechanism, which is not designed 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Owner's Manual - Page 178 travel than 15 miles (25 km).Power ON-OFF/volume/balance Control Knob.It is further required book 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Owner's Manual - Page 40 features OF your hyundai 1 27 Rear luggage compartment floor For vehicles with adjustable headrests, hook to the child restraint hook holder and tighten to secure the seat.It is suggested that genuine Hyundai service parts be used for any required repairs or replacements.p p forewordthank you for choosing Hyundai.Coolant Temperature Gauge.These titles indicate the following: /p p!!note: /p p warning: /p p This indicates that a condition may result in harm, serious injury guide or death to you or other persons if the warning is not heeded.