axiom path manager solaris

In addition, install Microsoft's Storport solaris Hotfix from Microsoft Support ( Note: Install Hotfix after you install Service Pack 2 on Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2003.
4 To install the software, choose one of: From Windows Explorer, double-click the name of the APM manager package you downloaded.5 Restart the system if you are prompted to.Oracle et Java sont des marques déposées d Oracle Corporation et/ou de ses affiliéut autre nom mentionné peut correspondre à des marques appartenant à d autres propriétaires qu Oracle.For more information, refer to the Microsoft iscsi Initiator Step-by-Step Guide ( Related tasks Configure iscsi Connections for SAN About iscsi Software and path Hardware Support 36 37 Chapter 1 Introduction to APM Supported iscsi HBAs The following information lists supported and tested QLogic HBAs and.APM does not use or support all solaris aspects of these classes.When the host is rebooted, LUNs will come online using the load balancing configuration most recently set through one of the following means: From the settings provided by WMI From the APM configuration at the Pillar manager Axiom system From the default setting, which is round-robin.# Apart from that, in the ouput of "format" command, the initial devices (several devices per # disk as each device is seen through different controllers) will be replaced by the MPxIO # pseudo device.About Fibre Channel Over Ethernet Support 34 35 Chapter 1 Introduction to APM About Oracle Fabric Interconnect (Xsigo Director) Support Oracle Fabric Interconnect (formerly Xsigo Director) and associated Oracle Virtual Networking host software provide Ethernet and FC emulation over InfiniBand.Attempts to modify fields which APM does not support will not fail, but the setting will not be changed.About FC SAN Component Support 29 30 Chapter 1 Introduction to APM Important!Note: The load balancing setting for LUNs is normally configured at the Pillar Axiom system using the Pillar Axiom Storage Services Manager GUI or CLI.Xml svccfg: Taking "initial" snapshot for svc network/nginx:default.Sauf disposition de votre contrat de licence ou de la loi, vous ne pouvez pas copier, reproduire, traduire, diffuser, modifier, breveter, transmettre, distribuer, path exposer, exécuter, publier ou afficher le logiciel, même partiellement, sous quelque forme et par quelque procédé que ce soit.All FC HBAs that meet axiom the following HBA driver requirements are supported: Storport miniport driver Digitally signed by the Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher; these drivers may be referred to as "whql signed" or "whql certified" or "Windows certified" Dated after January 1, 2008.For more information on the Microsoft iscsi Initiator and links to download packages, refer to the Microsoft Storage Technologies - iscsi page ( m/fwlink/?linkid44352 "Microsoft iscsi Initiator page. 4 After completing the word above steps, configure iscsi connections as described later in this manual.
The hosts menu must be presented in transparent initiator mode (not in proxyinitiator mode).
Wait at least 30 seconds to retry fifa access to a target port before path assuming that the port or target has failed.
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C4t D303030d0 EMC-symmetrix-5671 cyl 94 alt 2 hd 15 sec 64 - /scsi_vhci/[email protected] d303030.
0:00 /opt/nginx/sbin/nginx -c /opt/nginx/etc/nf munin :10:52?
For more information on these features, refer to the Cisco documentation ( Related tasks Configure the iscsi-to-fc Router About iscsi Software and Hardware Support 37 38 Chapter 1 Introduction to APM Supported iscsi Switches For a list of supported iscsi switches: Refer to the Pillar.After the installation, configure your SAN host and the Pillar registration Axiom software so that they can work together.# hack To show which devices VxDMP is enabled for, run: vxdmpadm listctlr all ctlr-name enclr-type state enclr-name c1 sena enabled sena0 c2 EMC enabled EMC1 c3 EMC enabled EMC1 # Running this on a system with VxVM installed, but with EMC PowerPath as the path.To use this feature, lotto your system and configuration must support booting from a SAN-attached drive.4 Click Log On (or Connect).APM.4 supports Windows Server 2008 with or without Service Pack.The HBA driver is digitally signed by the Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher for use on your version of Windows.An iscsi port on the iscsi-to-fc router that represents the Slammer [email protected] /usr/sbin/svcadm disable nginx:monitoring svcadm: svc network/nginx:monitoring: Permission denied.11 Repeat Steps 3 through 10 for each physics target that represents a Pillar Axiom system.The HBA model associated with these ports is reported as iscsi-fc router.

This axiom path manager solaris combination, along with the Microsoft mpio component, allows Windows to detect and configure Pillar Axiom storage devices, and to manage the I/O paths to those devices.
The cluster environment must be set up and working before you install the APM for Windows software.
Allow access to up to 256 LUNs per target.