Shotguns SG12 Reduced visual effect of Strobe Light Operator Mod.
UI Clear All Markers title has been moved to the title right stick button on consoles.
Camo Requirements Halved Camo kill requirements for weapons only obtainable through the Mystery Box to make them more attainable.Zombies Classic Elixir update Restock Empty Elixir slots will now be update filled with a randomly-chosen Classic Elixir during a match.Resolved an issue black where players with the Sigil of the 4th Circle Talisman active would not black have the Perk Modifier outline around black the 4th Perk icon if black the player did not have all 4 Perks.Resolved an issue where multiple Kronoriums could spawn. Increased film 8-shot range from.5 meters to title 32 meters.
As a special thank you to our players, fully-unlocked.
Fixed full a crash that could occur when a player disconnected while Burned Out killed Zombies.
Added align a third-person sound effect for charges 2 and 3 of the 9-Bang.
Lighthouse foghorn sound effect added at the end of each wave spartacus spawn delay timer.Personalization Gestures and Tags can be played update in the Lobby in Multiplayer, World League Hub, and Blackout.Kill Confirmed with 120 score limit, 15 minute time limit.Attachments Grip II Reduced flinch mitigation.Control Spawn review adjustments made for Arsenal, autodesk Summit, and Silo.To celebrate the launch of Nuketown, Zombies now spawn on Nuketown Island with a new Zombies Supply Stash spawn location behind the Nuketown sign.Flak Jacket Increased resistance to explosive damage.