I don't manual know what do with this "pukkable" crapy EBay garbage for a wopping 175.99.
OR buew ONE OR HP IS THE best?For some reason on some brother printers they use the same size connectors but just have a different color and if reversed you get the error.By Anonymous on Dec 11, 2009 at 1:07am.Please sign in to comment 0 really need this solution, is there any way user to solved this?The scanner unit have to be replaced.Please help by unknown on May 16, 2009 at 3:45pm.HV power brother suplly laser scanner unit laser scanner unit LV mfc-c user power brother supply MP mfc-c pick UP roller paper tray assy.Power supply HV power supply HV power supply HV power supply laser scanner unit laser scanner unit laser scanner unit laser scanner unit LV power supply LV power supply LV power supply. By unknown on Jul search 30, 2010 at 6:55am.
And I actual still get unable AF, error 50, error 48, error 40, I want replace the concept encoder strip but I waited becuase now the scanner and ADF is giving me to many error codse and the scanner is reversing backward and the wirring is correct?
This is a hardware fault engineers and cannot be solved by an end user.
I get to where it cleans the ink tube system, the cleaning cycle finishs and it prints a quality check page.
By Anonymous on Sep 17, 2008 at 11:26pm.Respond wrath to this 1, initially I received unable to clean and after using q-tip andreset my printer, now I am getting unable to init.Color Laser Printers, hL-2600CN, description Info Model LM0085001 LJ3876001 LJ3879001 LJ3896001 UH3485001 LJ3880001 LJ3928001 LJ2317001.Models, document Type, advertising, s Stampcreator Express, v.Please sign in to comment petualangan 0, touch error AF means that the scanner unit is malfuncioning.Please search sign in to comment 0, if it just happened, its probably a bad scanner, but if you worked on the mainboard or did something with the wiring, then you probably have the 2 cables reversed.Please sign in to comment 0, what exactly does err.

Please sign in to comment 0 here a problem I purchased a ebay crap 5890cn mfc and in the delivery the seller didnt remove the ink and I starting to get all sorts of brother mfc-240c user manual problems after I had clean the machine with air blower and.
Really need this solution!
Restore password, upload manual upload from disk upload from url, thank you for your help!