To switch a save over to the fake gfwl, open it up in xlive the save game editor and use the option to recalculate checksums.
How to use: if you haven't already, install Fable 3 normally.
It's really only for me, for testing purposes to stop securom whining about the debugger; I don't recommend using fable it in a real game.Fixes the Games for Windows Live launch problems such as black screen on fable startup with a fake version of xlive.(xuidl is the least significant 8 bytes, and xuidh the most.) profile: Pick the name of the offline profile to use.The following options are available: - Basic options xuidl / xuidh: Two 8 digit xlive hex numbers, in 0x00000000 format.These combine to make offline user id that will be used.Valid values are 0, 1 or 2, default.Changelog.11, expanded the DLC support to support loading mods.10 Added experimental support for the free DLC.9 fable Fixed a potential crash xlive after arriving in aurora.8 Removed checksum patch (not required with save editor, and broken by fable.1 patch) xlive message boxes.After downloading from gfwl it'll be in 'MicrosoftXLiveDLC 3 random folder names content but you can copy the files from someone else if you don't have a gfwl account.(Or at least, easier than trying to repack k) - exe patch options, these require the exe, which is 29,067,024 bytes in size.This is to facilitate packaging mods as dlc, fable which allows for easy installs. The benifits of not using gfwl are faster loading and saving times, an increase in fps, (albeit not the medical 5-30 you typically get from removing securom and no out-of-place looking gfwl screens popping up all over the place.
UseDLC Importing build a g4wl savegame.
The paid for DLC (understone, etc.) is not supported.
Dll to the installation directory, build alongside fable3.exe.
For more info, or to visit the Timeslip's SourceForge website, click Read More.
Setting this to 2 works identically to 1, except that instead of a single folder being used called 'datadlc komprimieren you get 10 to use named from 'datamod0' dragon to 'datamod9'.
If 2, they're rendered in game in a very crappy but fullscreen-safe way.
E.g., an ini file build containing the default options looks like this: xlive xuidl0x10001000 xuidh0x10001000 profilePlayer, showMessages2, loaderPatch0.Dawn of war.(Unless you uninstalled g4wl in the meantime, in which case you'll get a crash.) Configuration.If desired, uninstall games for windows live via your systems add/remove programs menu.You'll get the normal games for windows live login screen dragon the next time you launch.

Fable does a lot of checksumming and checks on save fable 3 xlive dll files before letting you load them, so you can't just copy/paste save files around and expect them to work.
Known issues, any DLC downloaded with gfwl will be invisible to fable 3 while this gfwl remover is active.
The default is 'Player and there's a limit of 32 characters.