Find a vehicle and game drive him missionfall back to save Grove Street to save pass the mission.
Respect After missionfall the mission missionfall you'll see a parked Tahoma in front of your house.Using the boat, goto the rear of the ship and jump missionfall into the water.As you park in the red circle you'll see a cutscene where Sweet goes in the building and a large group of sapd guys come out of the sky in helicopters.Sweets Girl Carl enters Sweets house to find no one home.Pull alongside Big Poppa, and perform a drive-by to ensure that he won't be returning.After you survive the first wave, another will come.Once you've finished buying, go outside and you'll pass the mission. Just now, he has a game couple of rookies waiting outside in a firetruck.
You have 7 minutes webmail to get out of the crack fortress before it explodes.
After everyone's dead you'll see a cutscene full where Sweet is arrested, and you're taken to the middle full of nowhere.
After the cutscene you'll be in Angel Pine, a brand new area which you've just unlocked, right alongside Mount Chiliad.
Kill the seven or so Russians outside and head up temple the steps.
The longer you hold L1 the further you'll throw.
Moving it very slightly up will allow you to sneak and make almost no noise, however this only works when the ski mask is being worn.
Officer's Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski full have been charged with racketeering, corruption, narcotics and sexual assault.The full guards are now armed, so you'll need tool to be especially careful not to be seen.Pulaski is history, but the media aren't aware of that and he's currently believed to be on the run.Once they're gone, spray over the tag then you'll be given a yellow blip on the radar where you'll find the next tag.Info, in the Beginning, los Santos, badlands.Kill him, and another rolls out from the left of the hallway.Keep firing at the cop cars as you speed along, and eventually a cop on a bike will jump onto the front of the car and punch you in the face.Eventually CJ decides to see what Cesar wants, so you need to drive to the yellow blip and meet up with Cesar.

Once the last dude gta san andreas missionfall save game is dead, Smoke wants you to get him home before the cops show, so head to the yellow dot on the radar and drop him off.
Doberman, and take back the hood.