The entries hack which have the text "tcpwrapped" indicate the service is modem probably not accessible or is being blocked through some access control mechanism.
Search from Windows, Mac or Linux using GUI nmap or Zenmap Assuming you got nmap installation sorted, you can now modem open nmap (In Kali Linux or similar Linux distro, you can use Zenmap which is GUI version adsl of namp cross adsl platform).Host: hack Ports: 80/open/tcp/http/Allegro RomPager.07 UPnP1.0 (ZyXEL Zywall.Host: Ports: 80/open/tcp/http/Apache httpd.2.15 (CentOS.Once the attacker gets inside the router's admin panel, adsl he can play the settings in any modem way.Host: Ports: 80/open/tcp/tcpwrapped host: Ports: 80/open/tcp/http?A wireless DSL or adsl router also has antennas to allow it to act as a wireless access point, so computers can connect to it forming a wireless network. Host: Ports: photoshop 80/open/tcp/tcpwrapped modem host: Ports: photo 80/open/tcp/tcpwrapped host: Ports: 80/open/tcp/http/Allegro RomPager.07 UPnP1.0 (ZyXEL Zywall.
You want to know what a DSL adsl Router can do?
Windows Installation: For Windows Computers, download installer and run creative the executable.
Usually they all use BusyBox or similar proprietary Linux episode applications on them.Host: Ports: 80/open/tcp/tcpwrapped host: Ports: 80/open/tcp/http/Fortinet VPNfirewall http config/.Both of them are free.The username/password for the internet connection are stored in plain text format in the router's configuration pages.Now there routers collection are like mini computers that have many services running on them.For anak example try this: http http http You get the idea.Secure your routers Now elements that you know how hackers can target routers to mess up the internet connection or even steal username/passwords, the next best thing to do is to secure your own routers.