Users recovery can also use Norton Ghost to convert recovery recovery points of a physical computer to a virtual disk.
Norton Ghost.0 offers all the power of the Symantec Norton Save Restore, with a few additional features.IP Logged recovery Pleonasm Übermensch Offline Posts: 1619 Back to top Re: Norton Ghost 12: Beta Release Reply #10 - Apr 6th, 2007 recovery at 10:26am recovery Rad, no doubt you are correct: the advanced features of Norton Ghost 12 (NG12) are clearly targeted toward the sophisticated.Protect your documents, financial records, presentations, photos, music, videos, historical documents, or any other kinds of data you keep on your computer by making a backup of your computer's entire hard disk.I create Baselines weekly rather than monthly so Im hedging my bets.The use of more words than are required to express an idea IP Logged Rad Radministrator Offline Sufferin' succotash Posts: 4090 norton Newport Beach, California Back to top Re: Norton Ghost 12: Beta Release Reply #5 - Feb 13th, 2007 at 4:41pm Nice find, Pleo.quot;: with powerful new features such as remote management, Google Desktop integration, and LightsOut Restore do you think disk these features will be used by the average pc backer-upper?No question is stupid. That may ultimately be the reason why many will upgrade.
As I read the Symantec material, my impression is that NG12 encompasses all of Norton Save Restore.0 (NSR2) and issues then adds advanced capabilities (i.e., NG12 is a superset screen of NSR2).
Doesn't matter how many or cool the features are.
quot;: Backups include encryption and error checking error-checking is good/useful (for reliability but i doubt many home-users will find encryption useful.
The initial virtual machine is left untouched.Ple o nasm.quot;: Open and convert third-party virtual machines and images Open Microsoft virtual machines and Symantec Backup Exec issues (formerly called Live State Recovery) means images.Now ghost can back up folders, too.This project will support Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit, and Windows Vista RTM 32-bit and 64-bit.Using easy-to-follow wizards, issues set up fast and reliable backups that run while you eula continue to work.Source: The term remote management might be a reference to the Veritas NetBackup PureDisk Remote Office Edition product windows see: NetBackup PureDisk.Norton Ghost a software designed for data backup and restore.For example, the translation of the term lights out is as follows:": Unattended bare metal recovery for remote locations blade servers.