pdf document writer 7.2

New setup command line switch /preservedefaultprinter.
Fix of document error when output format writer is writer different from PDF writer and encryption was enabled.(1) Image writer compression is turned off by default for document better quality.(9) New compatibilitylevel setting.Enhanced special character support in PDF passwords.Support for Ghostscript.10. New Feature: Access permissions.
More paper sizes in XPS mode.
Requires Ghostscript.50 or later.
Experimental support for PDF/A-3b format.
black Samples of i, guide i, and baixaki i are installed.Fix: Both OnSuccess and OnError event handlers fired on error and success.Fix for encryption of PDF versions lower than.4.Download a office free evaluation copy now!They are now written to replace i in the data folder below the application folder.Fixes problems in some Vista installations.EXE parameter names are no longer case sensitive.This feature is meant for a redistribution scenario.This setting can also be controlled from the GUI.However, it baixaki has not been tested.Support baixaki for XPS based printer drivers as an alternative to Postscript.Support for the settings: AfterPrintProgram, GhostscriptFolder, Output, SettingsProgram, ShowPDF and WorkArea.New options dialog tabs for file upload, search running programs, and signing with digital certificates.Configure text and graphics alpha bits to support smooth edges in images.