silver key in the land of dreams

The Silver Key: - viii.
"The Silver Key" is the main course of the album.
In this sumptuous suite land the music and lyrics try to take us on a dangerous journey through forgotten memories and dark, fantastic cities, in silver a quest for our lost innocence.
Silver Key biography, milanese band silver KEY seem land to have suddenly arrived out of nowhere but in fact started out as long ago as 1992, as an official tribute act dreams of marillion and fish.Finale dreams (The King Of Light) (3:56).On the whole a very good album, especially recommended if you like bands such as The Watch)."I welcome myself / Standing on the edge of what I'm going to be / I welcome my death.".After many problems, a long hiatus, some line up changes and a period passed performing Marillion's covers, in 2012 they finally released a dbut album featuring only original compositions on the independent label sh Records, "In The Land Of Dreams".Silver Key is a progressive rock band from Milan whose roots date back to 1992.Intro (The Loss Of The Silver Key) (2:48).Range status and errors Selected range Filename dreams Y:EACwurenshSilver KeySilver Key - In The Land Of Dreams.Used output format : User Defined Encoder.The current line up features founder member Yuri Abietti (vocals, acoustic land guitar, samples) along with Carlo Monti (electric dreams and acoustic guitars Alberto Grassi (bass Davide Manara (keyboards, synthesizers, samples) and Viviano Crimella (drums, percussion) but in the studio they were helped by some special guests.The conclusive "Welcome" begins with a delicate piano pattern. Well, the band was named after the title of screen a short story.P.
There are twists of time portugues and plants space, grow of vision and reality, which only a dreamer can divine.".
"Calm, lasting beauty comes only in dream, and this solace the world had thrown away when in its worship of the real it threw away the secrets of childhood and innocence.
It's a bitter-sweet ballad that blends hope and regret with a strong sense of melody.
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