soldier of fortune 2 uncut patch

Application: playstation, volume : SOF, publisher : codemasters, copyright : codemasters.
Real sectors: 813072 size: uncut 0x63408000, dATA sectors: 813063 size: 0x63403800, uSED sectors: 813063.
ESR Patch : No, created On :, created By : cdvdgen.20, disk Name : norg-00000.
HUD fix, go patch to patch (game install directory)base and copy and overwrite the fortune 3 with the one provided in this fix.Sony logo : Incompatible with Sony ID, tRIM MD5 uncut : rEAL MD5 : 921ccf09c0be1c2c85eed redump : 921ccf09c0be1c2c85eed.P Report problems with download.If you want 90(recommended for 16:10 resolutions) use cgamex86_FOV90.dll instead, just rename uncut it to cgamex86.dll.Producer : codemasters, preparer : codemasters, sony ID patch : incorrect!Support for modern graphics cards, uncut extra menus to configure settings, create color names, vote, store server settings.Important - When you change the resolution Activision and Raven Software intro videos might not render anymore, just press a key to skip those.Original instructions can be found on Widescreen Gaming Forums: Wsgf.Just press ' or 'ESC' to enable the console.Change it to -1.Now find this line: seta r_mode "x".To configure Mumble for positional audio: Go to the 'configure 'settings' menu. Support for finderexe backup GameSpy master server, in case the official master server is fortune down.
You may need to run the game in administrator mode.
Start the game, make sure that you have run singleplayer season at least once, so the game creates the g file.
You only need to do this the first time, later it will use the correct FOV even after restarting the game.
No more annoying connection refused / violence settings are incompatible messages.
Look at the Mumble website for more information.
spell Screenshots in PNG format instead of TGA.The unofficial, created by fans, patch the game Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix.Enable console by default.Features: Widescreen (short screen) season video mode support, including FOV fixes and book menu modifications.Image Mode : DVD 5, size Error : Correct Size, NO Lock Sector.New commands and cvars for improved scripting capabilities.Find these lines (they probably won't be together seta r_customwidth "xxxx" seta r_customheight "xxxx change them to set your resolution.Change resolution: Go to (game install directory)base and edit g using notepad or something.Org, when I posted this the download link there didn't work anymore, so I edited the files myself, uploaded them here and added some more info.FOV fix, go to (game install directory) and copy and overwrite the cgamex86.dll with the one provided in this fix.Widescreen, FOV and HUD fix for Soldier Of Fortune 2 Double Helix.Details about the changes are hreffo?Just press quick load(default F8) and it will change.The only change I made compared to the original version fix is fortune that the HUD "16" value is not changed to "0 but "12 so now the HUD is lower and more centered, which is closer to the original look.