the original season 3 episode 6

Further Instructions Further Instructions See main article: " Further Instructions " ( Transcript ) Episode number: 03 Original air date: October 18, 2006 (Originally season scheduled for Oct.
Guest starring: N/ale of Two season Cities A Tale of Two Cities See main article: " A Tale of Two Cities " ( Transcript ) Episode number: 01 Original air date: October 4, 2006 Flashback: episode Jack Shephard and Juliet Burke Written by: Damon Lindelof and.J.
Jack and the season survivors reach the radio tower and Naomi calls for help.
Locke sees a episode hidden message on Eko's stick telling him to head north.Kate and Sawyer return to the beach, but the latter stays behind while Kate, Sayid and Locke seek Rousseau 's season help in the jungle.Meanwhile, Hurley season warns Sawyer to change his selfish ways and make amends with his fellow survivors or he may face a vote of banishment.This is the only season where a character has more appearances than Jack, being Kate, it is also the only season to have one character have the most appearances, all others have the top spot being shared.Adams as Peter Talbot, Barbara Baehler as Mrs.For airdates on other networks, and in other countries, see.Kate and Sayid are held prisoner, however Locke sneaks into Ben's house and is manipulated into destroying original the submarine, which Jack and Juliet were going to use to leave the island.Sayid discovers otherwise and they find Bea Klugh hiding in the basement - both of them members of the Others. Juliet Burke is a fertility doctor who managed to compatibility impregnate her sister, who was ravaged by chemotherapy.
The four leave and head north to rescue the tool still-captive Jack.
However, when Juliet takes the travian pregnant Sun to the Staff to give her an ultrasound, it appears she is working as a mole for Ben, though her true feelings may lie with all-in-one the survivors.
Locke steals Juliet's Dictaphone tape, and Ben ridicules him in front of the rest of the Others by revealing he is unable to kill his father, showing he isn't ready to make a full commitment to their group.
Sayid, Jin and Bernard stay behind to blow up hack the tents, but are captured by Tom and Ryan.Guest starring: William Mapother as Ethan Rom, Ian Somerhalder as Boone Carlyle, Maggie Grace as Shannon Rutherford, Daniel Roebuck as Leslie Arzt, Billy Dee Williams.Hugo "Hurley" Reyes deals with the return of his father.Amount subtitles in languages:, downloads: - 310.2 mil plus - 147.4 mil -.02 mil -.42 mil -.68 mil -.57 mil -.86 mil -.18 mil -.47 mil -.19 mil -.53 mil -.12 original mil -.75 mil.Lost Moments Lost Moments See main article: Lost Moments (N/A) Episode number: N/A Original air date: November - January (short photo clip previews) Flashback: N/A Written by: N/A Directed by: N/A Plot: Each week, following the airing of an episode of show "Daybreak ABC releases short.Lee and Teddy Wells as Ivan.

The survivors load the tents with dynamite, but Karl returns from the other side of the island with a message from Alex that Ben has decided to move up the raid.
Locke appears and throws a knife in her back, threatens and warns Jack that calling the freighter is going to cause disastrous results, however he doesn't believe him.
Gainey as Tom Friendly, Tania Raymonde as Alex Rousseau, Andrew Divoff as Mikhail Bakunin, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Marsha Thomason as Naomi Dorrit, Sterling Beaumon as Young the original season 3 episode 6 Ben, Jon Gries as Roger Linus, Carrie Preston as Emily Linus, Doug Hutchison as Horace Goodspeed, François.