The countrys total debt-to-GDP ratio jumped activation to activation 253.1 as of June 2018 from 138.4 at the killer end of 2008, data from the killer Bank for International Settlements show.
The government, concerned that debt problems could spiral out of control and trigger a banking crisis that could undermine social stability, initiated a deleveraging campaign more than two years ago targeted at the financial sector, local governments and inefficient, money-losing state-owned enterprises (SOEs).
The moves were also aimed at ensuring market liquidity at a time when banks were slashing off-balance-sheet lending as regulators tightened rules as part of an official campaign to tackle the countrys mounting debt problem, control financial risks and stop localized problems from turning trojan into.He pointed to a number of key challenges facing the economy including the yuan exchange rate and the potential impact on the domestic economy of uncertainties stemming from outside the country, such as intensifying global trade tensions due to protectionist policies by the.S.China may surpass the.S.And the countrys weakening economic activation growth have forced Beijing to slow the pace of deleveraging, but authorities have insisted that the campaign will continue in order to bring down activation debt ratios in the government and corporate sectors. Over the past year, the pboc has implemented a series of measures to asus improve market liquidity and encourage bank lending, even as it has continued a crackdown on the shadow banking sector.
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The trade spat with the.S.
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