virtual desktop template server 2012

If youll be building a Microsoft template virtual-machine RDS deployment, then you virtual cannot avoid gold images.
I think that theres also something to that all-new feeling of virtual a freshly built image desktop that you desktop lose with gold images.
Further Work and Consideration What Ive shown you only takes you through some simplistic builds.
Do I Need Gold Images?OEM keys: Im not even going to wade into that.If you dont have DC edition, then you could technically still use the keys but youll have to immediately change it after deployment.The benefit of copy storage is that you can easily lay out all of your virtual gold image vhdxs side-by-side in the same folder and not need to keep track virtual of all of those virtual machine definition files and folders.Since this is a pooled desktop, we want the virtual desktop to roll back to its previous state when a user logs off.You could use an export if you like.The other option is to allow the RDS farm to automatically create and manage the virtual desktops.Starting it up will launch the continuation of a setup process.Most retain their keys.So, you dont want to do that.Start by right-clicking your virtual machine and clicking the Export option.In Server Manager, select Hyper-V.The rest of the settings of the virtual machine that you use for creating a gold image do not matter (unless the dictates of some particular software package override).Once youve got your virtual machine created, install Windows Server (or whatever) as normal (note, especially for desktop deployments: many guides mention booting in Audit mode, which I have never done; this appears to be most important when Windows Store applications are in use Customizing. For initial images, I tend to insert things like.
I have not tried with the normal file mode.
Select Yes: Click Install: A server reboot may be initiated.
The Microsoft Virtual Academy has a great jumpstart link session on VDI. .On the specify virtual desktop settings with screen, select the option Provide unattended installation crack settings and hit next.If youre having trouble following any of the steps above, ping me a message in the comments below and Ill help you out).Unfortunately, thats jesh not always the case.In this post well take capcom a high level look at deploying VDI (full virtual machines) in Windows Server 2012.For more details on the errors I encountered, see this blog post.To keep things simple, Ive added domain users.Pierre small Roman, mcitp, itil IT Pro Advisor Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Windows Server 2012 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure px Remote Desktop Services Overview px Windows Server 2012 Virtual Labs http px This Jump Start covers the latest approaches to desktop virtualization, the business cases for each, guidance.Normally I would also update select Automatically create and manage virtual desktops, but this requires the Master VM to be Sysprepd to create.

On the Before you Begin Screen, hit next.
The one thing to keep in mind: virtual desktop template server 2012 the guest operating system will have a generic name unrelated to the virtual machines name.
In Server Manager on the RDS server, navigate to Collections.