It browser show will depend on the show program (and whether it will try using DNS first by appending the primary DNS suffix) but it can cause sneaky, intermittent problems.
There is one other master server which is running show Windows 2003 and it is a master member server.
If there are two master browsers, someone is confused.
The master browser is chosen by election, and that elected browser serves NBT queries.An invalid operation was attempted on an windows active network connection.This will give the server an edge during elections in browser becoming the master browser for the segment. The server configurations are the same.You might start experiencing NBT name resolution failure.Netbios name resolution works by having no real central authority, unlike DNS.Try setting the appropriate registry flag (isMasterBrowser I believe, I forget where it's at) and see if that clears the issue.Status, solved, priority, medium, security, public, views 1795.I have a Windows 2008 SBS network.T 2001-, powered by: vBulletin, copyright, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. All the clients are running Win XP SP3.
The only difference between the 2 networks is the IP range.
I have enabled and started the Computer Browser browser service on the Windows 2008 server.
IsDomainMaster registry setting set to True.
Marvell Yukon 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ether net Controller, physical Address.
This is the only Windows 2008 server on the network.END part, pART «MaintainServerList» edittext, valuename «MaintainServerList default «auto».To prevent this error, force all connections to use Netbios over TCP/IP.I wouldn't want to rely on a faulty master browser. If I take the Win 2003 server off the network or disable the Computer Browser service on the Win 2003 machine then one of the Win XP machines becomes Browser Master. If I force an election on the network the Win 2003 becomes the Browser Master.If you have a single Windows 2000 server, that is a print server, file server, and browse master for the network, this error will occur if a direct host, port 445, connection from a client has a pending master SMB transaction when a Computer Browser service.Class machine, category «Browser policy «Computer show browser configuration keyname explain!BrowserParameters, pART «IsDomainMaster» edittext, valuename «IsDomainMaster default «false».These are names like JOE-PC versus. I have another client with the exact same network configuration and the Windows 2008 server is the Browser Master.When you use net view or browse the network using My show Network Places, you receive: System Error 1230 has occurred.It has been reported that netbios.When installing a new show Windows 2008 server or upgrading an existing server to Windows 2008.

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